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PAN Service

PAN card is an important requirement for opening the Bank Account, Filing Income Tax Return and all high value Financial Transactions. BLS E-Services has tied up directly with UTIITSL for providing online PAN Card application service from this portal.

pan card process

BLS E-Services aims to make smooth & easy process to applying for PAN Card by providing support throughout the process. The service include processing of application forms for those who are applying for new PAN card, corrections and changes to their existing PAN and request for duplicate or replacement of lost or damaged PAN card.

Apply for pan is very easy. you need to fill the details of that person who want to apply for pan request. in next step fill valid address information (where pan is need to deliver). Address should be same as on your uploaded government approved identity proof.

Pan will be deliever on your provided address shortly.

 where pan is necessary

  • Sale/Purchase of Immovable Property valued more than ? 10 lakh.
  • Sale/Purchase of all four-wheeler vehicles.
  • Time Deposit with banks aggregating more than ? 5 lakh per annum.
  • Opening an account with a banking company.
  • Foreign Travel
  • Cash purchase of bank drafts/pay orders/banker’s cheques exceeding ? 50,000 a day.
  • Payment of mutual funds exceeding ? 50,000.
  • Payment of Life Insurance Premium exceeding ? 50,000 a year.
  • Purchase/Sales of goods/services exceeding ? 2 lakh per transaction.
  • For getting Subsidy on Gas Cylinders/PNG.